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23 Feb 2010 maximize figure windows Maximize figure windows by using the Microsoft Windows application programming interface (API). Author: Alain Trostel

Thanks a lot.

22 Feb 2010 Hatched Fill Patterns Replace solid colors with patterns. Author: Ben Hinkle

Thanks a lot.

22 Feb 2010 A Simple Progress Bar A Simple progress bar made by using the matlab axes and patch objects. Author: Shameemraj Nadaf

Thanks. I was looking for something like this.

22 Feb 2010 Another ASCII Progress Bar An ASCII progress bar. Author: Wolfgang Putschögl


26 Jan 2010 Minimum Volume Enclosing Ellipsoid Computes the minimum-volume covering ellipoid that encloses N points in a D-dimensional space. Author: Nima Moshtagh


I have a problem in 3D. Say, I have an 3D array of P(5,5,5) and how can I make this to work? Please suggest. Or, do I need to produce a matrix P containing the coordinates of the region?

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