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19 Feb 2010 Wind Turbine Model Wind turbine model including blades, nacelle, pitch and yaw actuation, generator and control system. Author: Steve Miller

Great Work!!
i am having problem when i run the Startup_Wind_Turbine.m file. it is unable to compile. When I run the .mdl file directly it open up the complete model but when i simulate it, it gives some error: Failed to find library 'Wind_Lib' referenced by 'Wind_Turbine/Blade Load'. This library must be on your MATLAB path.

But this error is soleved when I added path in MATLAB. Now when I run the simulation in simulink I get error:
"Expression WT_Params.Main_Controller.wind_speed_cut_in_lower' for initial value of data 'wind_speed_cut_in_lower' (#66) did not evaluate."

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