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19 Mar 2012 Textscantool App to read large text files Author: Stuart McGarrity

This is definitely a nice tool. However, the folks who generate some of the data files I have have thrown a few curve balls. While I can reprocess the data from strings, I don't think it would be hard for you to add a few new features.
1. A new class of logical which translates strings of f or false or 0 or off to logical false (any case) and t or true or 1 or on to logical true.
2. A class which takes a set of string values that have a limited set of possible values and translates them into numbers. For example, there might be three different status types, e.g., standby, off, and on. We might like to put in numbers such as 0 for standby, 1 for off, and 2 for on. It would be handy to have textscantool do that translation rather than have us do the conversion later.

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