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29 Jun 2012 savefig Save *cropped* figures to pdf, eps, png, jpeg, and tiff through Ghostscript. Author: Peder Axensten

29 Jun 2012 regtools Analysis and Solution of Discrete Ill-Posed Problems. Author: Per Christian Hansen

15 Mar 2010 OLS This functions implements the algorithm of Orthogonal Least Squares.It can be used to rank regressor Author: Marco Cococcioni

I would tend to agree with Mr. Shvorob and Mr D'Errico, this is not what I understand orthogonal least-squares. Also, although the code is not as poor as previously seen entries, the general structure is confusing and unnecessarily bloated. In particular, I find the choice to include a demo capability into the function itself, rather than including it as a seperate file, questionable to say the least.

None the less, I'm sure that with a good cleanup, this code will find its uses in some scenarios, if not for the functionality it offers then for its thorough discussion of the theory (although it should probably be moved out of the file to a seperate document).

01 Mar 2010 latex Output a matrix in LaTeX format. Author: Toby Driscoll

I use it several times a week, brilliant piece of code. Thank you.

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