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02 Jul 2010 mRMR Feature Selection (using mutual information computation) This is a cross-platform version of mimimum-redundancy maximum-relevancy feature selection Author: Hanchuan Peng

Hi, I've got the same memory problem:
I downloaded the mRMR package and furthermore downloaded the recent version of the mutual information toolbox from the autor's website, since the old version was not executable.

I got a data matrix <19900x256 double> and a class_vector matrix <19900x1 double> with values eigther 1, 2, 3 or 4.
I want to compute the "best" 50 features out of the 256.

So what I do now is calling test=mrmr_mid_d(data,class_vector,50);
Now it takes a while (at dual core machine E5300 with 2 GB RAM) and the following error occures:
??? Error using ==> estpab
Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.

Error in ==> mutualinfo at 21
[p12, p1, p2] = estpab(vec1,vec2);

Error in ==> mrmr_mid_d at 49
t(i) = mutualinfo(d(:,i), f);

for mrmr_miq_d it's exactly the same.

Any ideas?

Best regards,

13 Feb 2010 save4spss saves numerical matrices as ASCII data + SPSS import syntax Author: Robert Schleicher

I'm wondering about this error message when executing the sav skript in SPSS:

>Fehler Nr. 105. Befehlsname: SAVE
>Dieser Befehl ist nicht gültig, bevor eine Arbeitsdatei definiert wurde.
>Dieser Befehl wird nicht ausgeführt.

in english:
>Error # 105. Command name: SAVE
>This command is not valid before a working file has been defined.
>Execution of this command stops.

I'm using PASW Statistics 18 and Matlab R2009b.
I edited the sav skript generated by save4spss() by adding the file path. The new data set created by the sav skript is empty.
Any ideas?

Best regards,

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