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PhD Student - Financial Economics.


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23 Jul 2010 matlab2tikz/matlab2tikz A script to convert MATLAB/Octave into TikZ figures for easy and consistent inclusion into LaTeX. Author: Nico Schlömer


Amazing tool !!! Thank you very much.

I have an annoying problem though. I have coordinates imported from as matlab serial dates, which I then re-label using xtick. Works fine except when pgf plots the graph there is an annoying x10^5 in the bottom right corner (which must originate from the matlab serial date values.)

i.e., the code I have is :


scale only axis,
xmin=724642, xmax=733408,
ymin=0, ymax=3.5,

Could somebody please help me with this?

Best regards

14 Feb 2010 layerplot A plot function much more powerful than plotyy Author: Zhipeng Gao


Great Little Programe - i've lost hours of my life playing with plotyy!!!

I have a question though. I'm using the edited version of the code as per Zhipeng Gao (25 May 2006) but i have a problem plotting the x-axis labels.

Here is my code.
plot_dates = X0_TS.dates('01-Jul-1980::01-Jan-2008');

[hAxes,hLine] = layerplot(plot_dates,fts2mat(hprx_reg.MAT5),plot_dates,fts2mat(X0_reg.IPRO),...
{'Date','Excess Hold Period Return','Difference in Belief'},...
[datenum(1980, 07, 01),datenum(2010, 07, 01); -0.2,+0.2; 0,+3],...
{'Excess Hold Period Return','Difference in Belief'});

datetick('x', 10)


X0.TS is a financial time series object which I extract the dates from. I would like to do something like :

x_ticks = [datenum(1980, 07, 01) datenum(1985, 07, 01) datenum(1990, 07, 01) datenum(1995, 07, 01) datenum(2000, 07, 01) datenum(2005, 07, 01) datenum(2010, 07, 01)];

to specify a common date range for both series. My code above works but but not properly. If I include x_ticks in set(hAxes,'XTick',[]) I get multiple labels on the x-axis?

Is there a simply way of doing this?

Many thanks

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