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15 Aug 2012 Adjust error bar width Adjust error bars width in an errorbar plot to a ratio of the x-axis or a length (x-axis units). Author: Arnaud Laurent

I really like this function, but I wish it also worked on horizontal error bars (FEX function herrorbar). Otherwise, this is very handy.

23 Nov 2011 Plot and compare histograms; pretty by default Compares multiple sets of data elegantly. Set bins and axis bounds to be appropriate for the data. Author: Jonathan C. Lansey

I really like this function, but I wish it could handle NaNs in my data. Thanks for sharing your code.

15 Feb 2010 Haxby color map Create a colormap with Haxby's colors, commonly used for bathymetry and marine gravity data. Author: Kelsey Jordahl

Perfect - exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for sharing!

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