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10 Jun 2013 A thin MATLAB wrapper for the Git source control system Use this exactly as you would use the OS command-line Git, but from within MATLAB Author: Manu Raghavan

This is a great addition to allow better integration of git with Matlab. However, I am having an issue with Matlab x64 on windows XP x64 and git 1.7.11.msysgit because from within matlab if I call up the git gui the control is never handed back to the Matlab prompt and the session freezes. Using the system escape (!) I was able to spawn a new process using (&) to handle this. However, the problem reappears with this utility. I can probably re-implement my work around but I would prefer to understand why control is not handed back to come up with a better solution.

11 Mar 2013 MATLAB xUnit Test Framework MATLAB xUnit is a unit test framework for MATLAB code. Author: Steve Eddins

This maybe a my misunderstanding of the testing architecture. However, I believe that it would be useful if there were an init method in TestCase. This would be run once to setup particular parameters of dependencies. To illustrate my request further, I am using xUnit to test the submodules of a Simulink model which I am building up with model referenced components. I would like the ability to compile the model once in some init method(to take account of any new changes) and then to turn off the automatic rebuild/checking for efficiency of running the subsequent tests. Is this possible? I believe that xUnit creates a new object for each method in that class for testing rather than iterating through the methods of a single (subclassed) TestCase object.

04 Aug 2010 Fast and Robust Curve Intersections Computes intersection points of two curves. Author: Douglas Schwarz

May I suggest an improvement to your code.

Currently the code checks for intersecting domains and then for intersecting domain checks if the lines actually cross. This op takes 16 flops (that I count) per pair of lines, with then the LU decomp and back substitution for a 4 by 4 system of equations where the domains do cross.

However if the intersection condition is stated in terms of L1 = O1 + k1*D1 and L2 = O2 + k2*D2 where L1 == L2, you are left with an equation in 2 unknowns (k1 and k2). This involves ~7 operations to find k1 and k2, with four more to find x0 and y0.

N.B. Your implementation of this was far faster than my one using matlab classes (of the order of 3000-4000 times faster) :).



16 Feb 2010 Editing Matlab files in Vim Edit Matlab M-files in Vim editor (indentation, syntax highlighting, tags , mlint support) Author: Fabrice

This is a very good plug-in, and Fabrice is very good a responding to any problems. I had the same problem with the indenting not working 'out of the box' and the same fix applied to me. I have however made a change to the indenting code to remove the tic; toc; indenting since I use "t=toc;" which isn't picked up. Everything else is very good however. "=G" is my friend :).

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