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Dave Holden

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Signal and Image processing and statistical machine learning.

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music, robots,


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03 Nov 2011 Fast RGB2HSV Flexible, fast and memory-efficient extension of RGB2HSV Author: Alexander Ihlow

isn't much faster, ~10%, for uint8, at least on my size image. 640*480.

21 Oct 2011 WNCC - Weighted Normalized Cross Correlation Performs pattern matching in an image via normalized cross correlation but with a weighted template Author: Andrew Diamond

Works great. Thanks!

05 Jul 2011 Kinect Matlab Microsoft Kinect, OpenNI wrapper, Skeleton, Depth Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

line 25,25 of compile_cpp_files.m I believe ought to be:

OpenNiPathLib= fullfile(OpenNiPath, 'Lib');
OpenNiPathInclude= fullfile(OpenNiPath, 'Include');

03 Sep 2010 Focus Measure A function to measure the relative degree of focus of an image. Author: Said Pertuz

Very useful

17 Feb 2010 Myaa - My Anti-Alias for Matlab Better looking Matlab figures with anti-aliasing! Author: Anders Brun

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