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05 Apr 2012 Circle Points Returns the points on a circle. Author: Suresh Joel

Equivalent to MidpointCircle.m
Does not offer anti-aliasing therefore operations with multiple circles will suffer from artefacts and memory management is not optimal.

04 Apr 2012 Polar Coordinates Transform Polar Coordinates Transform Author: Javier Montoya

There is an issue regarding the sampling with this approach. Since the code simply samples the closest value the result is heavily undersampled in some regions (r>>), while it is oversampled in others (r<<).
It would be interesting to have a correct approach that satisfies signal processing criteria (e.g. smooth oversampled regions and grey values where undersampled black and white values come together.

28 Mar 2012 progressbar Simple, efficient, and user friendly replacement for waitbar. Author: Steve Hoelzer

Three things:
- The progress bar should be removed when the program finishes - even when interrupted (might be a hard one)
- A cancel button to interrupt the program might be handy right there
- the bar should integrate into the interface a bit better (docking - or in status bar of editor)
Otherwise - nice work!

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