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08 Dec 2014 Screenshot EasyPaint[by faruto v1.2] EasyPaint[by faruto v1.2] Author: faruto gui, axes, paint, svm, ann, faruto 19 0
08 Dec 2014 Screenshot FuzzyClusterToolBox FuzzyClusterToolBox Author: faruto fuzzy, fcm, cluster, kmeans, classify, gui 46 0
08 Dec 2014 Screenshot LearnMatlabInNminutes byLY_faruto LearnMatlabInNminutes byLY_faruto Author: faruto quant, faruto, quantitativeinvestmen..., trade, gui, strategy 10 0
08 Dec 2014 Screenshot SVM_GUI_3.1-mcode-by faruto SVM_GUI_3.1-mcode-by faruto Author: faruto svm, gui, libsvm, faruto, datamining, machinelearning 28 0
08 Dec 2014 Screenshot MatlabTraderGUI V1.2-BetaVer-by faruto MatlabTraderGUI V1.2-BetaVer-by faruto Author: faruto trade gui, trade, gui, yahoo, yahoo finance, quant 22 0
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03 Mar 2014 Option pricing package Pricing functions for selected options with alternative methods Author: Paolo Zagaglia


07 Apr 2012 Connecting to Interactive Brokers via ActiveX API Basic code that should help you get started with Interactive Brokers API. Author: Jev Kuznetsov

29 Jan 2012 Generalized Hurst exponent Generalized Hurst exponent of a stochastic variable Author: Tomaso Aste

11 Jan 2012 Cointegration and Pairs Trading with Econometrics Toolbox Demo files from the webinar of same title. Author: Stuart Kozola

it's cooool~

22 Apr 2011 blurFigure - blurs and prevents interaction on a figure window blurs a specified figure window and prevents interaction with it until the figure is un-blurred Author: Yair Altman

good sfuff O(∩_∩)O

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