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21 Mar 2010 Peak Fitter Command-line peak fitter for time-series signals. Version 5.7, September, 2014 Author: Tom O'Haver

Hi can someone help:
(I am a complete Matlab novice), I have my matrix 'signal' arranged in two columns, x ranges non uniformly from 0 to 1 and y starts at zero has a small peak on the start tail of the main peak (around10% size of main), I use peakfit(signal) and it throws up these errors:

??? Error using ==> optimset>checkfield at 310
Invalid value for OPTIONS parameter TypicalX: must be a matrix.

Error in ==> optimset at 248

Error in ==> peakfit at 155
options = optimset('TolX',.001,'TypicalX',center,'Display','off' );

and I have no idea why?

thanks for any help!

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