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09 Apr 2010 MySQL Database Connector Connect to MySQL database. Author: Robert Almgren

So, this function written is pretty useful (almost life saving). I have been using it since August 2009.
One comment.
Don't start your function with clear all. why?
so, let s say you opened a connection with mysql('open',....)
and u are debugging with the matlab debugger. you found the mistake and you quit debugging without closing the connection.
then if u start your script with clear all, you think you closed the connection but actually that is not the case! Start with mysql('closeall') and clear variables commands. that will ensure that you close all of your connections before your script/program runs and the memory is cleared.

09 Apr 2010 ps2pdf Convert PostScript file to PDF using Ghostscript; can generate multi-page PDF files. Author: Richard Quist

I think this is pretty well written. One thing to comment:
I just upgraded to 2010a, the line at 287:
if str2double(v.Version) < 7.4
v.version is = 7.10 which is bigger than 7.4 but str2double of 7.10 is smaller than 7.4
So, there might be a better way of dealing with this than the one i am about to write:
compare the first digit(s) before the point, if they are the same, compare the digit(s) after the point. I think this is a still pretty damn solid .m file, I wish i could give 4.5 stars.

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