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08 Jun 2010 The Marine Visualization Toolbox The toolbox creates 3D animations from 6 DOF data Author: Andreas Lund Danielsen

I was trying to install it but it was giving me a couple errors which are like....
??? Error using ==> mkdir
Access is denied.

Error in ==> extractArchive>extractArchiveEntry at 77

Error in ==> extractArchive at 52
files = extractArchiveEntry( ...

Error in ==> unzip at 92
files = extractArchive(outputDir, api, mfilename);

Error in ==> MVTinstall at 114
unzip('MVT_toolbox.zip', mvt_folder);

Error in ==> MVTinstall at 30

initially then i extracted both the folders and then tried running the install file and it gave a error again......

??? Attempt to execute SCRIPT run as a function:
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2009b\toolbox\mss\hydro\hydro\vessels\shipx\S175\run.m

Installing the Marine Visualization Toolbox, version 1.0

Searching for installed components...
No components were found.

??? Error using ==> MVTinstall at 105
The file MVT_toolbox.zip was not found!

Error in ==> MVTinstall at 30

so do i need to add this folder first into the path and then try and run it or whatelse are the other alternates...

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