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30 Oct 2012 polyfitcon polynomial fitting with an optional constraint (can be set as a local extrema) Author: Murat polynomial fitting, fitting, fmincon 5 0
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10 Jul 2012 table2word Creating table in Microsoft Word Document using titles and a matrix. Author: Fahad Al Mahmood

it seems this only works in windows systems.

14 Mar 2012 tilefigs.m Display multiple figures simultaneously by tiling the screen with all open figures. Author: Charles Plum

useful function, the overlap problem can be walked around by modifying the line 72

30 Apr 2010 Delete unconnected lines Delete unconnected lines under a Simulink system Author: Per-Anders Ekstrom

Very useful code, but it doesn't work if the model parameters are not defined, though the parameters have nothing to do with the lines. but still this is not a problem at all, and the code works fine.

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