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10 Mar 2011 PLOT_LINES Plots vertical lines at points defined on the x-axis. Author: Stephan Wegerich

Thanks! it works fine.

19 Jul 2010 ROUND2 Round to a specified number of decimals. Author: Mukhtar Ullah

Thanks a lot! Unbelievable Matlab does not have one in their main functions!

01 May 2010 MATLAB R-link Functions for calling the statistical package R from within MATLAB. Author: Robert Henson

I' really looking forward to master this application! very useful!
I have a problem to execute some R commands. Although the demo is running properly, I get an error message when I try to execute the following commands:
status = openR;
evalR('n <- length(RealInt)')
evalR('bcp.ri <- bcp(as.vector(RealInt), p0 = 0.1)')
If I run the same commands in R, it works, but Matlab gives me the following errors for every command after the second line:

Error using ==> evalR at 58
Problem evaluating command library("bcp").
Invoke Error, Dispatch Exception: L'objet est statique; l'opération n'est pas

Any idea why or how can I fix it? Thank you.

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