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05 Nov 2014 Add Icons to GUI menus Adds icons to the main figure menu of a given GUI Author: Alexander Mering

Hi Alexander,
Thanks for this work .
I would like to make some changes to the code for its compatibility with R2014b.

a) - I have to change top_level_menu_handle by (which is available for < R2014b) :
top_level_menu_handles = findobj(GUI_handle, {'Type', 'uimenu', 'Parent', GUI_handle});

b) - Then I give my version about majors changes in function Loop_SubMenues (can certainly be improved):
function Loop_SubMenues(JMenu, Menu_Children)
% recursively runs through the menu entries and adds the icon, if exists

if isempty(Menu_Children)

%% take care of seperators
% these change the positions
separator_state = get(Menu_Children, {'Separator'});
separator_state(strcmp(separator_state, 'off')) = {0};
separator_state(strcmp(separator_state, 'on')) = {1};

% sort position in ascending order

children_info = {Menu_Children, cell2mat(get(Menu_Children, 'Position')), cell2mat(separator_state)};
[~, iperm] = sort(children_info{2}, 1);
children_info{1} = children_info{1}(iperm);
children_info{2} = children_info{2}(iperm);
children_info{3} = children_info{3}(iperm);

children_info{3} = cumsum(children_info{3});

for num_entry=1:length(Menu_Children)
% pos_entry_java = children_info(num_entry, 2) + children_info(num_entry, 3) - 1; % java indexing
pos_entry_java = children_info{2}(num_entry) + children_info{3}(num_entry) - 1; % java indexing

try % Pour éviter :

AddIcon(javaObjectEDT(JMenu.getItem(pos_entry_java)), children_info{1}(num_entry))

% Recurse into submenues
Loop_SubMenues(javaObjectEDT(JMenu.getItem(pos_entry_java)), get(children_info{1}(num_entry), 'Children'))

29 Oct 2014 Fast Inpolygon in MEX Fast inpolygon function implemented in MEX. So far one of the fastest. Author: Tolga Birdal


I have made few tests with erractic errors. Comportment of DLL is very perturbated, ie :
x = 0.5;
y = 0.5;
xv = [0 1 1 0];
yv = [0 0 1 1];
[IN ON] = inpolygon_fast(x, y, [xv xv(1)], [yv yv(1)]);

Results could be sometimes 0 or 1 for the same MatLab session !!!
I do not have time to look further, but this feature requires substantial improvements.

29 Oct 2014 2D polygon interior detection Detect a whereas a point is interior or exterior to a 2D polygon Author: Bruno Luong

22 Oct 2014 ButtonGroup Objects Container objects to manage radio or toggle buttons with functionality of the GUI Layout Toolbox Author: Matthew Whitaker

Hi there,

Here some corrections to do for R2014b.
In the classe ButtonGroup, objet.GroupHandles could be empty in release R2014b. Maybe, there are others maners to do it, but here one :

So since line 81, you can replace following reference about "obj.GroupHandles" by :

gChildObj = allchild(obj);
numChild = numel(gChildObj); % OLD numel(obj.GroupHandles);
if val > numChild;
'The selected child value %d exceeds the number of controlled children: %d',...
end %if

groupIdx = 1:numChild;
if ~isempty(groupIdx)
groupIdx(val) = [];
if ~isempty(groupIdx)
% OLD set(obj.GroupHandles(groupIdx),'Value',0,'Enable','on');
end %if
% OLD set(obj.GroupHandles(val),'Value',1,'Enable','inactive');
obj.SelectedChild_ = val;
end %if

26 Mar 2014 zoharby/plot_google_map Plot a google map on the background of the current figure using the Static Google Maps API. Author: Zohar Bar-Yehuda

Hi Zohar,

I've the same message as Larry. When I post URL given in example in a Web browser (Firefox with no proxy configured), I can see the staticmap of Google Maps.
I've not problems with my quotas and I've really loaded the last version.
Can you give me some help on what it happens ?

Thanks. Regards.

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