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Reza Jafari

Oklahoma State University

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30 Mar 2012 CON2VERT - constraints to vertices Convert convex constraint inequalities into a set of vertices; i.e., polygon "vertex enumeration." Author: Michael Kleder

Michael Kleder,

Thanks for the useful code which your wrote. I used your code for the part of my dissemination and I need to cite your work. Would you please send me the information that I can cite your code? You can send your email to reza.jafari@okstate.edu
Reza Jafari

05 May 2010 Minimum Volume Enclosing Ellipsoid Computes the minimum-volume covering ellipoid that encloses N points in a D-dimensional space. Author: Nima Moshtagh

I would like to thank you the author for the useful code which he developed. It solved many of my problems. The only problem which I faced was due to the singularity of Matrix X in line 76 and singularity of Matrix P * U * P' - (P * u)*(P*u)' in line 96. Do you have any suggestion to avoid singularity for these two matrices?



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