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02 Nov 2010 Boosting Demo A demo to illustrate the behaviour of Adaboost with various base learners on a few toy datasets. Author: Richard Stapenhurst

26 Aug 2010 Interactive regression on a plot Perform regression on plotted data in a figure by manually choosing the regression area. Author: Ivar Eskerud Smith

13 Aug 2010 Berkeley Wavelet Transform Functions performing the Berkeley Wavelet Transform and its inverse Author: Ben Willmore

19 May 2010 C# Matlab Program Launcher Code to execute Matlab script or function without the requirement to launch Matlab manually. Author: Amitabh Verma

13 May 2010 Kernel PCA Non-linear dimension reduction using kernel PCA. Author: Ambarish Jash

I use Matlab 2008 (7.6) and there is error at this line:
[~, index] = sort(eig_val,'descend');
Expression or statement is incorrect--possibly unbalanced (, {, or [.

How could I fix that?

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