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Vidya Murali

Smith Kettlewell Eye Research Institute

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Image Processing, Robotics, Signal Processing, Communications, Mathematics


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23 Feb 2012 LABEL ME Selects and saves rectangle for labeling objects in images Author: Vidya Murali image processing, measurement, image rectangle, label 9 0
23 Feb 2012 DrawRect Draws a 1-pixel rectangle on an input image with a given color ('r', 'g' or 'b'). Author: Vidya Murali image processing, rectangle, image, draw 21 0
21 Feb 2012 LABEL ME MANUALLY LABELING IMAGE REGIONS BY SELECTING RECTANGLES Author: Vidya Murali image, label, manual, rectangle, user interface, image processing 13 0
11 Apr 2011 Screenshot 1-D Gaussian peak and valley detector Detects peaks and valleys in a 1-D signal Author: Vidya Murali gaussian, peak detector, valley detector, derivative, signal processing, data exploration 21 0

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