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28 Jan 2011 Fisher's exact test with n x m contingency table Do you have problem with Fisher's exact test where the contingency table is more than 2*2? Author: Guangdi Li

The help section of the function code should be prepared properly to show the usage (including inputs and outputs) when you type:
help FisherExactTest

It should not be necessary to inspect the code, or the code in a secondary function (i.e ControlCentor.m [sic]).

Secondly, the functionality seems correct but somewhat incomplete.

When I use the example from the Wolfram website, it gives the same result as the website and the other two Fisher test functions on FileExchange (myfisher and Fisherextest). However it only gives one sided p-value, not both tails, which are provided by those other two functions.

28 Aug 2010 XTICKLABEL_ROTATE Rotate XTickLabel to better accommodate long labels and text labels. Author: Brian Katz

Nice one. Just what I needed. Thanks Brian!

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