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Divyesh Varade

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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Remote Sensing, Image Processing, SAR Polarimetry


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12 Sep 2014 ImageFilteringDemo.zip Some Basic Image filtering methods Author: Divyesh Varade image processing, filtering 29 0
02 Sep 2014 Image_Enhancement_demo.m Image Enhancement Author: Divyesh Varade image processing 40 0
02 Sep 2014 Linear Stretching.zip Linear Stretching of an image Author: Divyesh Varade linear stretching, image processing 32 0
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21 Apr 2012 MATLAB Simulations for Radar Systems Design MATLAB Simulations for Radar Systems Design Author: Bassem Mahafza

Hey folks, can you temme if its perfectly usable to simulate a SAR image by pasting the SAR pattern of a flat roofed building on a gray background to generate multiple images to test a change detection algorithm.

Do you know of any such codes, Plzzzzzzzz inform me!

06 Jul 2011 Fast mutual information of two images or signals Optimized function for mutual information of two images or signals Author: Jose Delpiano

Thanks for the code it was very helpful. However, I want to compare two images using MI. If I do it pixel by pixel using the given code, I mostly get a warning: divide by zero and receive a value NaN for MI. Now I can try and work with very small windows also but that would seem to reduce the quality of my results. Is there another way or by enhancing this code somehow to analyse the two images together almost pixelwise.

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