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01 Jun 2010 MATLAB xUnit Test Framework MATLAB xUnit is a unit test framework for MATLAB code. Author: Steve Eddins


I find xUnit to be an essential tool; and I wish to thank you for and congratulate you on its creation.

Further to Arthur's comment of 02 Feb 2010, I too have experienced similar issues; specifically, when attempting to compare strings that contain escape characters. For example:

function test_suite = temp
function testCase
assertEqual( 'C:\', 'D:\', 'message.' );

Rather than trying to escape the escape-characters, I would suggest modifying the calls to the "MException" constructor within assert*.m, so that the messages get passed as a string parameter rather than as the format string itself. For example, the following:

MException('assertEqual:nonEqual', message)

would become:

MException('assertEqual:nonEqual', '%s', message)

I believe that these modifications do the trick.

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