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18 Apr 2015 Gauss Seidel Solves a linear system of equations using the Gauss Seidel Method. Author: Alfredo Gutierrez-Preciado Tarik Gunter

18 Apr 2015 Streaming Face Detection, Training, Recognition Demonstrates live acquisition, detection, training, and recognition of faces! Author: Brett Shoelson

Brett Shoelson (view profile)

Caitlin Golden

It recognizes the face of the person whose image is not in the database. Is there any way to show 'unknown' over the new person(whose image is not in database) instead of falsely recognizing the person?

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18 Apr 2015 truss_gui Structural Analysis of Planar Truss with MATLAB GUI Author: gopisrt7

gopisrt7 (view profile)

wang peng

very good!

18 Apr 2015 histogram equalization histogram equalization for RGB image Author: mohammad ghr mohammad ghr

@emad tanks

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18 Apr 2015 PCA this implements the PCA algorithm. User can choose/input the no.of features in the reduced Dataset. Author: Devinder

Devinder (view profile)

Andy Zhang

Hi,Dear devinder,thanks a lot for your share.I find a question when i use the code to reduce the dimensions of face dataset,the code process the data very very slow on the condition of the dimension is high such as 10240,do you have idears about how to resolve this question?

18 Apr 2015 SHOWCELL & CELL\DISP Displays cell array with long strings in the command window. Author: Jiro Doke

Jiro Doke (view profile)

Renwen Lin

%The fellowing codesseems doesn‘t work:
cella={'henchanghengdccasda fas wentima','P0','Q0','P1','Q1','P2','Q2';'A',90,100,95,100,95,100000000;'B',50,200,45,200,45,200;'C',100,200,110,200,55,400};
showcell(cella, 'spacing', 7);

18 Apr 2015 Digital Image Correlation and Tracking Calculate displacement and strain from a series of images Author: Christoph Eberl

Christoph Eberl (view profile)

amir meh

Hi Chris

Can we use this code to investigate the new position of a grid?

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18 Apr 2015 Type II liquid-liquid equilibrium diagrams for two ternary systems: hexane-heptane-methanol at 306K computes type II liquid-liquid equilibrium diagrams Author: Housam Binous

Housam Binous (view profile)

Daniela Reyes Lozada


18 Apr 2015 Robotics this code draws 16 robot that the user select. the original drawings were made using ProE. Author: badr Higab Hyunuk Ha

18 Apr 2015 Flatten nested cell arrays Linearize a cell array tree structure Author: Manu Raghavan Yung-Yeh

Yung-Yeh (view profile)

I tried c = {'',[],'1','2',{'a','b','c',{'x','y','z'},'r'},[123]}, flatten(c)but it does not work as expected.

18 Apr 2015 Flatten cell array converts a nested cell array into a flat cell array Author: Alexandra Yung-Yeh

Yung-Yeh (view profile)

I tried c = {'',[],'1','2',{'a','b','c',{'x','y','z'},'r'},[123],@isempty} but it's not flatted.

18 Apr 2015 restore_idl Imports variables (scalar, string, array, structure) from IDL save files into Matlab workspace. Author: Charles Pelizzari Sachin Dev

You are right, the file has many variables. How do I send you my file? I can email if I know the address and if it is OK with you.

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18 Apr 2015 Robot Simulator Simulation Model of Industrial Robot Manipulator Author: Victor Andrade Hyunuk Ha

18 Apr 2015 restore_idl Imports variables (scalar, string, array, structure) from IDL save files into Matlab workspace. Author: Charles Pelizzari Charles Pelizzari

what kind of variable is selected? is there more than one variable in the file? do any of them restore correctly? the best way to work this out is for you to let me see your file.

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18 Apr 2015 Flappy Bird for MATLAB MATLAB replica of the viral mobile game "Flappy Bird" Author: Mingjing Zhang

Mingjing Zhang (view profile)


17 Apr 2015 restore_idl Imports variables (scalar, string, array, structure) from IDL save files into Matlab workspace. Author: Charles Pelizzari Sachin Dev

After hitting 'Restore Selected' getting following error messages:

Error using fread
Invalid size.

Error in restore_idl_gui>read_idl_array (line 624)

Error in restore_idl_gui>read_idl_structure_new (line 581)

Error in restore_idl_gui>read_idl_array (line 652)

Error in restore_idl_gui>RestoreButton_Callback (line 389)

Error in gui_mainfcn (line 96)

Error in restore_idl_gui (line 79)
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

Error in

Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

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17 Apr 2015 Three Phase Rectifier [Diode controlled] Three phase rectifier is modeled in Simulink. Author: satendra kumar

satendra kumar (view profile)

farhad noroozi

17 Apr 2015 Export 3D data to ParaView in VTK legacy file format The function exports multiple 3D vector and scalar field and call Paraview for display Author: Joe Yeh

Joe Yeh (view profile)


Ted (view profile)

Can this tool write scalar RGB and alpha datacubes to a vtk file?

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17 Apr 2015 nonrigidICP Non rigid registration of surfaces Author: Manu

Manu (view profile)

Layasri Sunkavalli

hi, so far, we had matlab get the boundary of the bone but are stuck as to how to create a 3d point cloud. i need help w/ creating a 3d point cloud from an xray of a tibia to get a 3d model of a tibia.

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17 Apr 2015 Image Measurement Utility Interactive tool allowing the measurement of distances, radii, and angles in images Author: Jan Neggers

Jan Neggers (view profile)

  • 1 file
  • 4.82609
Amit Saha

Thank you very much for this great tool. This tool has made my project complete, on machine vision systems. Thank you, thank you so much.

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17 Apr 2015 Dicom Import GUI Sorts DICOM files into series and lets you select the series you want to load in a GUI Author: Christian Wuerslin Pradeep Gowda

i guess it would be help full if u could provide some data set of mri .

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17 Apr 2015 Ray/Triangle Intersection Ray/triangle intersection using the algorithm proposed by Möller and Trumbore (1997) Author: Jesús P. Mena-Chalco Kapil Dev

Thank you very much. Really very useful piece of code.

17 Apr 2015 Plot Groups of Stacked Bars Generate a bar plot with multiple stacks grouped together. Author: Evan

Evan (view profile)


Works very well. Thanks a lot evan.

17 Apr 2015 GRABIT Extract (pick out) data points off image files. Author: Jiro Doke

Jiro Doke (view profile)


17 Apr 2015 simPlotter - plot tool for Simulink log outputs Easily plot simulation outputs! Author: Arda Aksu Vivek

Vivek (view profile)

17 Apr 2015 3D Visualization of SUN, EARTH and Moon 3D Visualization of SUN, EARTH and Moon Author: Ashish Meshram (Meet) Mingjing

Happened to come across your submission; What you did was really cool. BTW, the reason why EARTH and MOON don't rotate is because in every iteration of the loop, their positions are calculated again from scratch(e.g. set(HEARTH,'xdata',xEarth(k) + Rm(2)*X...). This effectively resets the 'rotation angle' back to 0. Therefore, instead of specifying a fixed angle, you must use a number that grows as iteration progresses. For instance:

rotate(HEARTH,[0,0,1],2*k,[xEarth(k) yEarth(k) zEarth(k)]);

Also, I suggest you make 'fun' a default parameter, since this is the only working parameter for now.

17 Apr 2015 Automatic Image Registration using (Normalized) Mutual Information for users of IP toolbox Rigid (translation and rotation) automatic registration of images using normalized mutual informati Author: Kateryna Artyushkova lovely

lovely (view profile)

where is the file for users without ip toolbox.i dont have me.

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17 Apr 2015 Simple SVD SVD computation using QR decomposition Author: Paul Godfrey

Paul Godfrey (view profile)


Dan (view profile)

very nice and simple

17 Apr 2015 LatLon distance Find distance between two points based on latlon coordinates Author: M Sohrabinia

M Sohrabinia (view profile)

Justin Winokur

This code does what it says it should but there are two 2-minute changes to make it much better:

1) make all operations vectorized so you can put a list of lat,lon coordinates. Basically, add a "." before everything. Super easy and much better

2) Add a check for NaN's. If two points are too close, you get NaN when it should be zero. Very easy to do:

>> d1km(isnan(d1km)) = 0;

I hope this helps

17 Apr 2015 Simple single-seeded region growing Segmentation by growing a region from user defined seed point, using intensity mean measure. Author: Stéphane Franiatte Najiya Khaleel

How to give the arguments to the input in matalab for this code? Please help

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17 Apr 2015 Using Doxygen with Matlab Extracts automatically comments from your Matlab .m files using Doxygen to generate documentation Author: Fabrice

Fabrice (view profile)


Shaw (view profile)

possible typos in the instructions and doxyfile. should be FILTER_PATTERNS

otherwise doxygen ignoring the tag

17 Apr 2015 WinOnTop WINONTOP allows to trigger figure's "Always On Top" feature Author: Igor

Igor (view profile)


Igor (view profile)

I've just updated the submission, so now it should work in either case: >=R2014b and <=R2014a , without any modification.
I'm sorry for not doing this for so long..

Michael Hubatka,
Alessandro Russo,
Many thanks for your suggestions!
It looks like Mathworks is going to add more modifications to their graphics system... So, it looks like it is hard to predict, which functionality would be removed in the following versions and which would not...

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17 Apr 2015 scatplot Scatter plot with color indicating data density. Author: Alex Sanchez

Alex Sanchez (view profile)


Sevian (view profile)

Im having problems using the 'voronoi' method. I am getting an error saying duplicate data values were found. But works well with 'circles'. Also i cant have a colourful plot of the points with contour lines. Can anyone help me out please ?

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i m uma n i m doing my project on devnagiri ocr system using svm classifier.I don’t know how to extract the features from the character in matlab.plz tell me about atlest five features for devnagiri character recognition to i can get higher accuracy n efficiency.
nd if possible den tell me about character dataset information from where i could get.

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17 Apr 2015 Simulink Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware Credit-card sized, low-cost, single-board computer with audio and video input/output Author: MathWorks Simulink Team Murat Belge

@Ratko Pilipovic: Can you execute the following commands on the MATLAB command line and post the results:

>>h = raspi.setup.RaspberryPiFirmwareUpdate;

The MD5 hash of the file is supposed to be:


If the hash is not the same as provided above, try the following in the order it is specified and get back to us:

1. Close MATLAB
2. Disable anti-virus software
3. Delete contents of the C:\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2014a folder
4. Verify that you have at least 5GB of space left on your C drive.
5. Restart MATLAB and re-install the support package

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17 Apr 2015 Random Forest Creates an ensemble of cart trees similar to the matlab TreeBagger class. Author: Leo

Leo (view profile)

Olivier Olivier

Hi Leo
Thank you very much for your greats *.m codes.
I have a question concerning 'weights' input parameter from Stochastic_Bosque.m
If my 'Data' input parameter is constitute from three examples of label '1' and three example of label '2'
If i want
-the weight of label '1' instances to be 6 and
- the weight of label '2' instances to be 3
Does weights=[6;6;6;3;3;3]?

so > weights=[6;6;6;3;3;3]?


17 Apr 2015 Wavelet Based Image Segmentation Segment image containing objects of various intensities and shapes in noisy inhomogenous background Author: Ashutosh Kumar Upadhyay Vasumathi Ganesh

Sir i have this error.

Undefined function 'pixval' for input arguments of type 'char'.

Error in WaveletBasedImageSegmentation (line 100)
figure, imshow((M));title(' M');pixval on;

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17 Apr 2015 3D Turbulent Wind Field by means of the Mann Model IEC_Mann retrieves a 3D turbulent wind field for wind energy applications using the Mann model. Author: Francesco Perrone Vincent

Hi Francesco,

like your other submissions this one is great, too. I went through all your code, most of it does make sense to me, but a few questions remain.

When calculating the wave numbers, where did you find the equation that says to include the scale factor "l"? In the Mann paper chapter 6, k is defined as:
ki = m*2*pi/Li
No scale factor is mentioned here and in IEC 61400-1 2005-3 I even dont find any definiton of k.

In your nFFT, you call fftshift first. Is this because the wave vectors have negative frequencies first and then the positive frequencies? If so, then I am not sure if this is correct, because your first wave vector does not contain the zero frequency. In your other submission according to Kaimal and Karmann, the Fourier coefficients have been arranged correctly (in my opinion) to create a two-sided spectrum.

Have you discarded this method because we already have a two-sided spectrum? If this is the reason, the Fourier coefficients must be symmetric or else the result of the inverse Fourier transform is complex

And exactly this is the case in your script. The result is complex (the imaginary part is too big to say that this is due to rounding errors), which means the spectrum is not symmetric and therefore something must be wrong here, but I have no idea how to overcome this.

My third question is, should the mean wind speed been applied manually after all the calculations are done?

I hope I am not too confusing :-)


17 Apr 2015 addaxis Add multiple y-axes to plots. zoomable with zoom modification. Author: Harry Lee

Harry Lee (view profile)


Jan (view profile)

Great! Only on Matlab 2014a I had to rename in aa_splot.m "colorord -> ColorOrder".

17 Apr 2015 Convert from a structure of arrays into an array of structures converts from a structure, where each field contains an Nx1 array, into an 1xN array of structures Author: Celso Reyes Jan Berling

Thanks for this helpful function! With column based (1xN) arrays it doesn't work, because of exceeded matrix dimensions. (The number of elements is taken from the input arrays, not the number of rows.)
For my needs I have changed it to work with Column based (1xN) arrays.
Could be useful to add a flag which lets users choose row or column based arrays.

17 Apr 2015 A very simple and intuitive neural network implementation Short code and easy to understand. Example data set provided. Author: Carl Löndahl

Carl Löndahl (view profile)


Jacek (view profile)

Can you please give a short description of this problem being solved and meaning of this example data? So we could understand what is the input, what is the output, what are the values od "y" being calculated...? And most importantly, what is the topology, and how propagation works.

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17 Apr 2015 Learning the Kalman Filter Basic Kalman filter, heavily commented, for beginners to Kalman filtering. Author: Michael Kleder

Michael Kleder (view profile)

Auralius Manurung

Line 173, file kalmanf.m

s.P = s.A * s.P * s.A' + s.Q;

this is wrong, it should be:

s.P = s.A * s.P * s.A' + s.B * s.Q * s.B';

the example is also misleading, see cooment by Yi Cao (25 Jan 2008) since be should not be = 0 but B should be = 1.

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17 Apr 2015 Model3d MATLAB class for reading, viewing 3D dxf and 3ds files. Author: Steven Michael

Steven Michael (view profile)


Guys, find newer version here:

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17 Apr 2015 ARMAX-GARCH-K Toolbox (Estimation, Forecasting, Simulation and Value-at-Risk Applications) ARMAX-GARCH-K Toolbox Author: Alexandros Gabrielsen t3925

t3925 (view profile)

17 Apr 2015 ARMAX-GARCH-K Toolbox (Estimation, Forecasting, Simulation and Value-at-Risk Applications) ARMAX-GARCH-K Toolbox Author: Alexandros Gabrielsen t3925

t3925 (view profile)

17 Apr 2015 sun_position.m Sun position given observer time/location. Author: Vincent Roy

Vincent Roy (view profile)



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17 Apr 2015 Grid-Connected PV Array Two demonstrations of a grid-connected PV array using SimPowerSystems. Author: Pierre Giroux DjaberLab

it's very usefull thank uo so much, just tell us which version of matlab can be execute.

second Q: I want to simulate shading effect of PV-array grid connected, in its stability or instability of gred.Thank uo again

17 Apr 2015 LAS file reader/writer Opens LiDAR point data from LAS files. Supports versions up to 1.4. Author: Teemu Kumpumäki Jennifer

I used this one instead and this worked:

I didn't find what the issues were with my lasdata. But it only gave me the x, y and z values for your reader.I didn't load any other one. I will try to use your writer.

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17 Apr 2015 Intelligent Control based MPPT for Photovoltaic power system MPPT For PV Author: venkatesh Kumar M shikha yadav

sir please mail me Fuzzy based MPPT for PV cell file

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17 Apr 2015 LTE 16QAM This is one of the first approachs to a LTE Simulink model in Mathworks. Author: Natalia Molinero Mingorance Natalia Molinero

Hi aini, I just sent it :)

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