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23 Aug 2013 EzyFit 2.42 A free curve fitting toolbox for Matlab Author: Frederic Moisy

Frederic Moisy (view profile)


29 Jun 2011 sharedmatrix SHAREDMATRIX Allows any Matlab object to be shared between Matlab sessions (w/o using file I/O). Author: Joshua Dillon

Joshua Dillon (view profile)


Hi Joshua. I really appreciate Your piece of code. I plan to use it in near future but i see one prospective drawback that could be potentially simply to overcome (i hope at least).
I mean if you want to work on really large amount of data that there is a moment when you need to store in memory two copies of it.

C = rand(13000,13000);
shmsiz=sharedmatrix('clone',shmkey,C);% double memory usage
clear C; %until this moment

Is it possible to add a directive like 'alloc' or something in this way to allocate a matrix in a SHM?
To fill it with data from file (f.e) so one wouldn't have two copies of the data - so swapping wouldn't be necessary.
so it could work like this

[C,shmsiz]=sharedmatrix('alloc',shmkey,[13000 13000],'double');
C(:,:) = rand(13000,13000);

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