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12 Sep 2013 Smart PowerPoint Exporter Exports Matlab figures to PowerPoint. Fixes formatting directly in PowerPoint to allow easy editing. Author: Dmitriy Aronov

Dmitriy Aronov (view profile)

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Rhymer Yang

I used to copy figure to PowerPoint, ungroup it, edit objects and group them again; very tedious. This function does all these automatically! It's AWESOME! Works like a charm! Thanks for the great work!

24 Feb 2012 matlab2tikz/matlab2tikz A script to convert MATLAB/Octave into TikZ figures for easy and consistent inclusion into LaTeX. Author: Nico Schlömer

Nico Schlömer (view profile)

Rhymer Yang

Compare with matlabfrag, I like matlab2tikz better. The quality of tikz output is superb! Great work! Thanks!


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