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29 Aug 2013 Rprop Rprop training for Artificial Neural Networks Author: Roberto Calandra Roberto Calandra

Hi Matthew,
Yes, the answer is that you can use the same data set for both training and testing. You can do that by setting the test set (test_in in the Demos) equal to the training set (test_in).

30 Jan 2013 Adaptive Robust Numerical Differentiation Numerical derivative of an analytically supplied function, also gradient, Jacobian & Hessian Author: John D'Errico Roberto Calandra

Just great

06 Jun 2012 cell2num Convert N-dimensional cells of K-dimensional matrices to N*K matrices. Author: Roberto Calandra Roberto Calandra

Yes, you are correct, the examples in the description are abstract. However "Demo_cell2num" contain numerous real examples as well as many combinations of the possible parameters that you can use.
I'll try to change the description to explain it better.

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