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07 Nov 2012 PCA-based Face Recognition System This package implements 'Eigenface', a PCA-based face recognition system. Author: Amir Omidvarnia

Amir Omidvarnia (view profile)

Caelyn Low

10 Feb 2012 Face Detection using Support Vector Machine (SVM) Face Detection using Gabor feature extraction and support vector machines (SVMs) Author: Omid Sakhi

Omid Sakhi (view profile)

Caelyn Low

great job, but i not very understand with the imscan.m file code (first section, second section and third section). Is there any pdf file or source that can provide so that i can more understand about the coding? thanks.

06 Jan 2012 HOG descriptor for Matlab Image descriptor based on Histogram of Oriented Gradients for gray-level images Author: Oswaldo Ludwig

Oswaldo Ludwig (view profile)

Caelyn Low


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