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26 Jul 2010 Flatten nested cell arrays Linearize a cell array tree structure Author: Manu Raghavan

Manu Raghavan (view profile)

Richie Cotton

11 May 2010 txt2English Takes text message language and converts to English. Author: Sean de

Sean de (view profile)

Richie Cotton

Quite an amusing diversion, and (sort of) does what it says. A couple of comments:
1. Question marks should really be appear at the end of the sentence, rather than after what/which/why.
2. Adding '(usage?)' to bits where you suspect the grammar is dodgy is just distracting. Add a warning if you must (with an ID, so it can be turned off).
3. The code structure with the nested loops is insane; the whole point of MATLAB is that you shouldn't need to do that sort of thing. I wouldn't want to be the person maintaining that code.
4. Can you do an english2txt reverse translator?

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