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14 Mar 2014 Straightforward COPY and PASTE functions Allows very simple manual exchange with other applications through the clipboard. Author: Yvan Lengwiler Soren Preus

Excellent tool!

In copy, I believe line 129 should be:


instead of:


'dec' is also undefined within that same function which must be fixed in the input argument list and at line 92 and 94.

31 Oct 2013 saveFigures Save an unlimited number of MATLAB figures to a single file. Author: Soren Preus Soren Preus

Thanks for the note Jiro - I was not aware of this implementation in MATLAB R2013b.

I will leave this contribution on the File Exchange for now, though, for people using MATLAB older than R2013b.

15 Aug 2013 Reorderable Listbox Creates a listbox whose contents can be reordered by clicking and dragging items. Author: Erik Koopmans Soren Preus

Nice utility that works fine on my R2012b.

Is there any way to implement drag'n drop in between different listboxes?

08 May 2013 inputsdlg: Enhanced Input Dialog Box (v2.1.2) Predefined dialog box function to accept user inputs of several forms Author: Kesh Ikuma Soren Preus

Invaluable when making large GUI-based applications!

07 Nov 2012 Fancy splash screen for compiled .exe GUIs Displays your splash screen while loading your compiled GUI Author: William Thielicke Soren Preus

Very nice and useful application that works fine on my Win XP 32-bit.

Would it be possible not to show your name and email on the splash screen?

28 Sep 2012 TabPanel Constructor v2.8 (2010) TabPanel Constructor offers the easiest way for creating of tabpanels in MATLAB! Author: Elmar Tarajan Soren Preus

Nice tool, easy to use! Unfortunately, I have a relatively large GUI in which case MATLAB frequently crashes when going <-> between the tabpanel editor and my original .fig file in GUIDE. MATLAB e.g. crashes when I try to open my GUI.fig in guide after I've run the tabpanel-editor (it didn't do this before using tabpanel). I have tried increasing the JAVA heap memory without any luck.

06 Sep 2012 Command window text Copies all text in the command window into a cell array of strings. Author: Hugh Nolan Soren Preus

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