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06 Jun 2011 Find Euler Angles An interactive demo for learning and visualizing 3D coordinate transformations and Euler angles. Author: Dmitry Savransky Dmitry Savransky

This submission uses the 'unused argument syntax' introduced in R2009b. (see: ) Users of earlier versions will most likely encounter errors. You can fix these quite easily by replacing the tildes in various subfunction syntax declarations with dummy variables. I apologize to all pre-R2009b users for the inconvenience.

15 Jun 2010 Mathematica Symbolic Toolbox for MATLAB--Version 2.0 A symbolic toolbox for MATLAB based on Mathematica. Author: Ben Barrowes Dmitry Savransky

As usual from this author, a great addition to MATLAB. Quick note for those compiling on OS X - make sure you edit math.c line 227 as suggested in the comments below it, but don't worry about setting the library path. Your mex line should be something like:
mex -I/Applications/ -L/Applications/ -lMLi3 math.c

12 Oct 2009 Multiple Precision Toolbox for MATLAB This toolbox defines a new mp class allowing multiple precision objects in MATLAB. Author: Ben Barrowes Dmitry Savransky

Absolutely fantastic. Exactly what I needed - many thanks. Quick note for anyone installing on RHEL5. The default rpms that may be pre-installed for GMP don't seem to work when it comes time to compile the c files. However, if you get rid of these and compile GMP and MPFR from source, everything works great.

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