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03 Nov 2011 mpgwrite The MPEG converter takes a MATLAB movie matrix and writes the movie to disk as an MPEG file. Author: David Foti

David Foti

Dan Massie

Dan Massie

Works great on my 64-bit Windows XP Professional system. One thing I noticed: I get a black frames if my monitor's screen saver is on when the figure is created. Also, if the figure is behind another window when the figure is created, the window on top will become part of the mpg!

03 Dec 2010 JSON Parser Parses JSON strings into structures and cells Author: Joel Feenstra

Joel Feenstra

Dan Massie

Dan Massie

Works well, despite being a bit slow. Maybe it could be sped up with careful application of "regular expressions." Also, when you use the script, make sure the JSON string is a row vector of chars. Error may occur if string is a column vector of chars.


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