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09 Oct 2009 Drude-Lorentz and Debye-Lorentz models for the dielectric constant of metals and water Computes the complex permittivity of many metals and water with input wavelength Author: Bora Ung

Bora Ung (view profile)

Dominic Bosomtwi

Can someone explain to me how to use the code?
Thanks a lot.

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17 Dec 2008 FFT Beam Propagation Method Implementation of the FFT BPM in different optical waveguides and free space Author: Edgar Guevara

Edgar Guevara (view profile)

Dominic Bosomtwi

excellent programs..........
can someone expalin to me where the waveguide(core) width and the cladding width are handled in the code for the rectangular waveguide? and what do x0, x1, x2,x3,and x4 stand for?

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