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29 Jun 2013 Fast Import of Compressed Binary .RAW Files Created with LTspice Circuit Simulator Loads .raw simulation files created with LTspice (a free circuit simulation tool). Author: Paul Wagner Dick Benson

Sweet! Thanks!

04 May 2013 Enigma Runs a simulation of the WWII-era German Enigma machine. Author: James Roberts Dick Benson


If you want to trim all those useless functions from the end of the enigma.m, simply delete the Callback and CreateFcn for each object using GUIDE.

I have done this to save you some time if you are interested.

06 Oct 2010 Configurable Simulink Model for DC-DC Converters with PWM PI Control A Simulink model configurable to buck, boost and buck-boost DC-DC converters with PWM PI control Author: Yi Cao Dick Benson

Nice job, thanks for your efforts.

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