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16 Sep 2014 Adjust legend marker size A function to adjust the marker size of the current legend without changing the plot marker size Author: Andreas Gaszton

03 Feb 2014 Fit 2D gaussian function to data Fits a 2D Gaussian function to simulated data. Author: Gero Nootz Gaszton

13 Dec 2012 Myaa - My Anti-Alias for Matlab Better looking Matlab figures with anti-aliasing! Author: Anders Brun Gaszton

30 May 2011 WindowAPI Set figure size, top-most, transparency and pixel mask, multi-monitor etc by Windows API Author: Jan Simon Gaszton

Is it possible to automatically move the figure in fullscreen to the secondary monitor?
I would like to diplay an image with imshow, that is the same size as the resolution of the secondary monitor, so i want the image to cover the full screen.



10 Mar 2011 Exponential fit, without start-guess Fits 1) f=s1+s2*exp(-t/s3) or 2) f=s1+s2*exp(-t/s3)+s4*exp(-t/s5) to numerics, without startguess Author: Per Sundqvist Gaszton

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