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11 Mar 2013 Simulink Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware Credit-card sized, low-cost, single-board computer with audio and video input/output Author: MathWorks Simulink Team Joachim Schlosser

Works like a charm.

29 Oct 2012 Smart Manufacturing Robotics Cyber Physical System Distributed Towers of Hanoi where three blocks with local control emerge in a sorted order. Author: Pieter Mosterman Joachim Schlosser

Excellent complete example for Model-Based Design!

04 Aug 2010 export_fig Exports figures nicely to a number of vector & bitmap formats. Author: Oliver Woodford Joachim Schlosser

A great script. Along with the hints in article this makes pretty nice graphics!

06 Jul 2010 USING POLYSPACE® TO IMPLEMENT THE “SOFTWARE QUALITY OBJECTIVES FOR SOURCE CODE QUALITY” STANDARD This document defines a general and standard approach to measure the software quality. Author: Christian Bard Joachim Schlosser

Marvellous way to have a sound process for software quality improvement!

24 Nov 2009 pie2 Modification of the Matlab PIE function to account for label overlaps Author: Richard de Garis Joachim Schlosser


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