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02 Jun 2011 geom2d Geometry library for matlab. Performs geometric computations on points, lines, circles, polygons... Author: David Legland Frank Gommer

Hi, looks like a nice little toolbox!
I just tried your function "intersectLineCircle.m". Unfortunately, it seems that the code does not give the right answers for tangential lines (Returns 'nan') and lines which are not intersecting at all (gives a wrong intersection point).

Here is the data I used:
c1 = [0 0 0.5]
l1 = [0.5 0 0 1] %tangential
l1 = [-1 0 0 1] %non touching
pts = intersectLineCircle(l1, c1)


10 May 2011 igesout Convert surfaces, curves and lines to IGES file Author: Daniel Claxton Frank Gommer

Probably I'm just not good enough with the "igesout" code but I'm wondering how a bit more complex structure, e.g. surface with holes, could be exported? For example, I tried to export the 2D geometry from the demos of the nurbs toolbox "demogeom.m". This one consist out of multiple nurb curves... I just can't get it running :( Any suggestions? Thanks!

26 Jan 2011 Log Binning of Data Takes in data, and then produces data for a log binned histogram Author: LPS Frank Gommer

just tried your code and it seems that it does not work with negative values?
It would be nice to add the plot function as well (similiar to hist)...
Otherwise, for my work the code is a good idea!

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