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24 Jun 2012 ECG Compression This program uses 4 different Transform to compress an ECG signal : DCT ,DST,FFT ,DCT2 Author: Mehdi Nasri Torfinn

05 Sep 2011 Adaptive Filtering MATLAB files to implement all Adaptive Filtering Algorithms in this book. Author: Paulo S. R. Diniz Torfinn

04 Oct 2010 Multicore - Parallel processing on multiple cores This package provides parallel processing on multiple cores/machines. Author: Markus Buehren

Markus Buehren (view profile)


Thank you for these tools, they are vastly useful and will save me much time.

05 Aug 2010 DataTable store data in a table format that supports printing in plain text, Latex, HTML, Wiki,... Author: Paul Mattern Torfinn

I was just looking to do this myself, luckily you saved me some time! One thing I had to modify for my use though: I wanted to print the table as a comment, thus I had to insert a '%' as a prefix for every line. I think an extra parameter to give prefixes would be useful for others as well.

15 Jul 2010 Tips for Fixed-Point Modeling and Code Generation for Simulink 7 (R2008a) Tips on fixed-point modeling and code generation for R2008a. Includes referenced model files. Author: Bill Chou Torfinn


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