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updated 15 hours ago

Export and call Paraview to display 3D dataset (vector/scalar field data, lines, polygons) by Joe Yeh

The function exports multiple 3D vector and scalar field and call Paraview for display (paraview, vector, 3d)

vtkwrite( filename,dataType,varargin )

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updated 9 days ago

linecut by Patrick

Dynamically view X and Y linecuts of surf or image data (linecut, cut, image)

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updated 12 days ago

octree - partitioning 3D points into spatial subvolumes by Sven

OcTree recursively splits a large set of points into smaller subvolumes. A QuadTree but in 3D. (stl, space, volume)


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updated 20 days ago

ICP Registration using Efficient Variants and Multi-Resolution Scheme by Tolga Birdal

A fast, robust ICP, which is designed to work in hard scenarios e.g. clutter or bad initializations (iterative closest poi..., icp, registration)


[Pose]=icp_mod_point_plane_pyr(SrcPC, SrcN, DstPC, DstN, ...

[SrcSample, SrcSampleNormals]=sample_pc_uniform(Src, Norm...

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updated 26 days ago

Export figure to 3D interactive PDF by Ioannis Filippidis

Export figure as U3D file or directly to 3D interactive graphics within PDF. (3d, u3d, graphics)

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updated 26 days ago

Simulation of a one-legged hopping robot by Guy Rouleau

Simulation of a one-legged hopping robot (mechanical modeling, robotics, simmechanics)




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updated 29 days ago by Traian Emanuel Abrudan

A toolbox for optimization under unitary matrix contraint (optimization, matrix, unitary)




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updated 29 days ago

Diffeomorphic Log Demons Image Registration by Herve Lombaert

Simple matlab code for 2D and 3D image registration using the diffeomorphic log-demons algorithm (image processing, image registration, 2d)

compose(ax,ay,az, bx,by,bz)



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