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updated 1 day ago

Robust dual-mesh construction by Darren Engwirda

Construct dual meshes from 2-simplex triangulations embedded in R^3 (mathematics, modeling, 2d)




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updated 2 days ago

Load Leica LIF File by Ron Hoebe

Load Leica LIF File (data import, 3d, 2d)

ci_loadLif(filename, getonlynumberofelements, number)

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updated 3 days ago

pointsToSurf(x,y,z) by Ankit Chiplunkar

Creates a surface using data inputs of the 3 axes (plot, plotting, 3d)


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updated 10 days ago

Plot a circle in 3D by Andreas Schmid

The function plots a circle with user defined radius, position and direction (plot, circle, 3d)

circle_3D(r, M, n)

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updated 11 days ago

clickz by Chad Greene

Easily get z values of pcolor or image plots from mouse clicks. (pcolor, image, imagesc)

clickz documentation


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updated 17 days ago

Add Single Light Object by Michael Kutzer

Create single light object. (graphics, plotting, 3d)


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updated 18 days ago

Surface Intersection by Jaroslaw Tuszynski

Intersection of two triangulated surfaces (mesh, surface, intersection)

Tutorial for SurfaceIntersection Function


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updated 19 days ago

Elliptic Mesh Smoother by Andrew

Smooth an initial 2d mesh distribution using the elliptic grid equation (mesh, cfd, grid)



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updated 20 days ago

Visualization of multi-modal volume segmentation by Pavel Dvorak

Visualize single- or multi-modal 2D or 3D images and corresponding segmentation (image processing, 3d, image)




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updated 28 days ago

seta by Orlando Rodríguez

Three-dimensional arrow coordinates. (annotation, customization, arrow)

seta( r1 , r2 )

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