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updated 1 day ago

punctureSurface by Paul Kassebaum

Create a 3D printable meshed surface (3d printing, stl, mesh)

punctureSurface(manifold, boundVert, holeSize, shellThick...


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updated 2 days ago

RLC circuit demo bundle by Mischa Kim

Analyze the RLC series circuit using different modeling approaches and with hardware (teaching, experiments, hardware)




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updated 3 days ago

Symbolic Derivatives for Econometric Tests by Alan Weiss

How to calculate derivatives required by Econometric Toolbox tests via Symbolic Math Toolbox (symbolic, econometrics, jacobian)


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updated 9 days ago

echeever/BodePlotGui by Erik Cheever

A tool for generating piecewise linear asymptotic Bode diagrams. (asymptotic, bode, frequency)

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updated 9 days ago

FEMcali by Thomas Abrahamsson

This App calibrates a Finite Element Model if you provide a parameterized model and test data. (calibration, validation, structural dynamics)

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updated 12 days ago

Fuzzy T-S Modeling by Michael

A fuzzy T-S Modeling App in three different languages. (nonlinear systems, modeling, takagi sugeno)

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updated 19 days ago

Foster and Cauer equivalent networks by Bartlomiej Ufnalski

Continued fraction formula is used to calculate parameters of the equivalent Cauer-type RC ladder. (thermal model, foster network, cauer network)




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updated 20 days ago

System L1-norm by James Whidborne

Calculate L1-norm of impulse response of continuous-time SISO LTI system (control design, norm, l1norm)



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updated 23 days ago

Programmable linear-quadratic regulator by Bartlomiej Ufnalski

A feedforward neural network is used to adjust LQR gains in the case of non-stationary state matrix. (linearquadratic regul..., lqr, nonstationary state m...)




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