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updated 11 days ago

SIMULINK Sigma-Delta Toolbox by Isacco Arnaldi

Model-Based design and simulation of various Sigma-Delta ADCs (adc, dsp, audio processing)

SNRestimation(simout, f)



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updated 17 days ago

System objects for live data acquisition by Gabriele Bunkheila

System objects to stream data to and from Data Acquisition hardware (data acquisition, signal processing)

System Objects to Stream Live Data to and from Data Acqui...



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updated 24 days ago

RC Car control with STM32F4-Discovery programmed by MATLAB by Attila

Servo signal processing with STM32F4-Discovery (rc)

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updated 28 days ago

Adaptive DPD Design by Kerry Schutz

A workflow for modeling and simulating PAs and adaptive DPDs. (dpd, digital predistortion...)

fit_memory_poly_model(x, y, lengthVector, memorylen, degr...



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