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updated 16 days ago

Half wave rectifier with Resistive load by Çağlar İŞLEK

simulink performed half wave rectifier (power electronics, simulink, rectifier)


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updated 16 days ago

Single phase full wave rectifier with resistive load by Çağlar İŞLEK

Single phase rectifier (power electronics, simulink, rectifier)


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updated 21 days ago

Buck converter - Increased accuracy and simulation speed using interpolation in SimPowerSystems. by Patrice Brunelle

Interpolation method of SPS R2014b to allow larger time step while preserving model accuracy. (accuracy, sampletime, pwm)


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updated 24 days ago

BLDC motor control by mahdi Zolfaghari

BLDC motor control using PI controller (electrical drive, bldc motor, pi controller)


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