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Antarctic Mapping Tools by Chad Greene

Chad Greene (view profile)

A toolbox for analysis and display of Antarctica-related data (antarctica, antarctic, polar)

AMT Getting Started

antmap documentation


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updated 12 days ago

Long Term Energy Forecasting with Econometrics in MATLAB by David Willingham

Dynamic energy demand forecasting using Econometrics (ARIMA/VAR/GARCH) (load forecasting, long term load foreca..., energy forecasting)

Medium / Long Term Energy Forecasting with Econometrics

createFit(Datein, Fin)

createFit1(x, y)

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updated 17 days ago

Device Drivers for the BeagleBone Black by R. Dustin

R. Dustin (view profile)

Development of Simulink Device Driver Blocks for the BeagleBone Black (simulink, attitude estimation, sensor fusion)

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updated 18 days ago

Analyzing Fleet Test Data using MATLAB by Seth DeLand

Seth DeLand (view profile)

Files from the webinar "Analyzing Fleet Test Data using MATLAB" (fleet, data, data analytics)

Access data from the fleet server, process, and visualize

Process fleet data and visualize in a simple app


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updated 20 days ago

Simulink ARDrone Target by Daren Lee

Deploy MATLAB Simulink model automatically to Parrot AR Drone with Embedded Coder C code generation (uav, quadcopter, control design)

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