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updated 15 days ago

Local binary patterns by Nikolay S.

Calculates image LBP (Local binary patterns). (lbp, image processing, pattern)

[outImg, varargout]=tightHistImg(inImg, varargin)

[radInterpFilt]=generateRadialFilterLBP(p, r)

[radInterpFilt]=generateRadialFilterLBP(p, r)

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updated 17 days ago

Impulse response acoustic information calculator by Christopher Hummersone

Calculate RT, DRR, Cte, and EDT for impulse response file (audio, signal processing, reverberation)


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updated 25 days ago

Flickermeter Simulator by Patrik Jourdan

Power line flickermeter according IEC 61000-4-15 (emc, power, measurement)




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updated 29 days ago

Image enhancement using Hybrid Metaheuistic by Anupriya Gogna

Demo for image enhancement using memetic algorithm (image enhancementhybr...)



mean_n (image)

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updated 5 days ago

Mixing (MX) Oceanographic Toolbox for EM-APEX float data by Amelie Meyer

Mixing (MX) Oceanographic Toolbox for EM-APEX* float data applying shear-strain parameterization (oceanography, mixing, finescale)




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updated 8 days ago

INFAUNAL by Kaustubh Thirumalai

INdividual Foram Approach UNcertainty AnaLysis (paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, bootstrap resampling)

INFAUNAL: INdividual Foraminiferal Approach UNcertainty A...



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updated 16 hours ago

UVC Suite by James Kerns

The Ultraviolet Catastrophe suite (UVCS) is a package that perform a number of TG-142 related tasks. (medical physics, mlc, quality assurance)

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updated 11 days ago

Interframe Correlation between images by Santhana Raj

This program is to calculate interframe correlation between 2 greyscale images of same size (interframe, correlation, autocorrelation)


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updated 5 days ago

interpResamp.m by Natalia

Performs sinc interpolation, and also resampling of a intput waveform (sinc interpolationres...)


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updated 7 days ago

MITT by Bruce MacVicar

Multi-Instrument Turbulence Toolbox (hydraulics, turbulence, time seriesdata quali...)

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updated 5 days ago

ngalin/cryosat2_fbr2sar by Natalia

MATLAB code for working with CryoSat-2 FBR data (cryosat, sarsinc interpolation...)

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