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updated 20 days ago

Solar MPPT With Resistive Load by Sanjay Lodwal

tracking maximum power point of solar cell with resistive load. (mppt, solar, resistive)


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updated 21 days ago

ARM Cortex-based VEX Microcontroller by MathWorks Embedded Coder Team

Use Simulink and Embedded Coder to program your VEX Microcontroller. (bestrobotics, vex, vex cortex)

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updated 5 days ago

Solar Cell Characteristics by Sanjay Lodwal

To show the change in I-V characteristics of solar cell with temperature and irradiation. (solar, temperature, irradiation)


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updated 7 days ago

Teaching Mechatronics with Low Cost Hardware: Webinar Examples by Davide Ferraro

Examples for the webinar "Teaching Mechatronics with Low Cost Hardware" (pandaboard, arduino, lego mindstorms nxt)




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updated 30 days ago

Raspberry Pi Robot by Owen McAree

Control a Raspberry Pi powered robot with MATLAB and Simulink (robot, robotics, image processing)

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updated 1 day ago

Using Model-Based Design for Vehicle Electronics Applications by Michael Carone

This ZIP-file contains the presentation and power window model that was used in the MathWorks webina (automotive, vehicle, body)



pmJointInfo (hBlk,watchPort)

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updated 1 day ago

Stateflow Design Patterns (Part II) by Michael Carone

This ZIP-file contains the models that were discussed in the MathWorks webinar entitled "Stateflow D (simulation, stateflow design patt...)




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updated 12 days ago

zereflai/MorseCode_Arduino by Ian Alferez

Terminal - Arduino - Morse Code - Matlab - Simulink (arduino, morse code, usart)

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