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updated 20 days ago

List of files from directories/files list or browser by Nikolay S.

Returns cell array of file names, needed by various functions. (dir, utility, data import)

fileNamesList=filesListFromInput(inputsList, flagGUI, fil...

fileNamesList=folderFiles(foldersList, nFolderDepth, file...

fullFileName=filesFullName(inFile, filesExtList, dlgTitle...

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updated 28 days ago

dir_crawler.m by Stephan Koehler

crawls through a directory tree and returns sub-directories and files with ability to search by name (directories, search, files)


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updated 13 days ago

update_check by Guilherme Coco Beltramini

Check for updates and replace old files (files, update)

update_check(fpath, rec, crit, ext, replace)

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