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updated 12 hours ago

Marginal distributions of a bivariate function by Shoaibur Rahman

This function computes the marginal distributions of each variable in a bivariate function. (probability, computer vision, statistics)



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updated 13 hours ago

Fast Third Order Cross-Cumulant calculation by Brian

Performs a fast third order cross cumulant calculation between the three vectors (x,y,z). (signal processing, mathematics, statistics)

cum3xyz(x,y,z, nsamp, overlap,window)

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updated 16 hours ago

Greedy Algorithms and Greedy Analysis Pursuit for Non-linear sparse recovery by Kavya Gupta

Modifications to Greedy Algorithms and Greedy Analysis Pursuit(GAP) for non-Linear sparse Recovery. (algorithm, matlab, optimization)



Grad(fun, x0, deltaFactor)

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updated 21 hours ago

Chebfun by Chebfun Team

Chebfun is an open-source package for numerical computation with functions to 15-digit accuracy (approximation, interpolation, quadrature)

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updated 23 hours ago

Multi-exposure and Multi-focus Image Fusion in Gradient Domain by Sujoy Paul

An algorithm for fusion of a stack of multi-exposure and multi-focus images (image processing, image fusion, multiexposure)




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updated 3 days ago

inpolygons by Kelly Kearney

Finds points inside multiple polygons, holes possible. (approximation, interpolation, polygon)

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updated 14 days ago

Graph Cut for image Segmentation by Amarjot

The code segments the grayscale image using graph cuts. (image processing, signal processing, segmentation)


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updated 16 days ago

Wavelet Based Noise Robust Image Segmentation by Ashutosh Kumar Upadhyay

Segment image containing objects of various intensities and shapes in noisy inhomogenous background (image processing, wavelet, image segmentation)


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updated 16 days ago

vebyk by Rolf Sidler

vebyk performs ordinary kriging and can be easily adapted to other kriging methods. (kriging, 2d, approximation)




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updated 16 days ago

Radial Basis Function Network by Travis Wiens

Simulates and trains Gaussian and polyharmonic spline radial basis function networks. (radial basis function, rbf for suren, radial basis function...)




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updated 18 days ago

Weighted Iterative Truncated Mean Filter by Miao Zhenwei

WITM filters (image processing, signal processing, filter)




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updated 18 days ago

Iterative Trimmed and Truncated Mean Algorithm filter (ITTM filter) by Miao Zhenwei

ITTM filter for noise suppression and image processing. (image processing, signal processing, filter)




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updated 18 days ago

Fast Iterative Truncated Arithmetic Mean Filter (FITM filter) by Miao Zhenwei

ITM/FITM filter (image processing, signal processing, filtering)




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updated 22 days ago

Mutual Information of Two Images by Mohammad Haghighat

Normalized mutual information (MI) between histograms of two images (image processing, signal processing, video processing)


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updated 22 days ago

Convert YUV Videos into Image Matrices by Mohammad Haghighat

Extract Y, U and V components of a YUV 4:2:0 video (video, video processing, video codec)


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updated 22 days ago

deprecated -- Light Field Toolbox v0.2 -- v0.3 now available by Donald Dansereau

A set of tools for working with light field (aka plenoptic) imagery in Matlab (toolbox, light field, plenoptic)



LFBuildLenseletGridModel( WhiteImg, GridModelOptions )

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updated 27 days ago

Pseudo B-Mode Ultrasound Image Simulator by Debdoot Sheet

Simulate pseudo B-mode ultrasonic images with customized tissue echogenicity maps (image processing, signal processing, medical)


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updated 29 days ago

central_diff2(y,deltat,d,a) by Benjamin Strom

Finite difference approximation of any order derivative, any accuracy (interpolation, approximation, algorithm)


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updated 29 days ago

Zernike Moments by Amir Tahmasbi

MATLAB Code for the Fast Calculation of Zernike Moments of order n and repetition m on NxN images. (image processing, physics, mathematics)




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updated 29 days ago

Frequency-Domain Min-Max Optimization for Delta-Sigma Modulators by Masaaki Nagahara

Matlab codes are provided for min-max optimization for loop-filter design in delta-sigma modulators. (delta sigma, optimization, signal processing)

NTF_MINMAX(order, OSR, H_inf, f0, zf)

NTF_MINMAX_MB(order, OSR, H_inf, f, zf)

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updated 29 days ago

H-infinity optimal fractional delay filter by Masaaki Nagahara

A code for designing H-infinity optimal fractional delay filters (fractional delay, fractional delay filt..., signal processing)

fdf_hinf(F, D, T)

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updated 29 days ago

Find values in a vector or function by Adrian Lara-Quintanilla

For a function y=f(x), this script looks for all the "x" values for a desired value of "y" (y0). (mathematics, data exploration, time series)


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updated 30 days ago

nasa/T-MATS by Jeffryes

Simulink Toolbox for the Modeling and Analysis of Thermodynamic Systems, such as gas turbines (simulation, simulink, example)

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