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updated 7 hours ago

intersectPlaneSurf by Mehmet OZTURK

Intersection points of an arbitrary surface with an arbitrary plane. (plane, vector, intersection)

intersectPlaneSurf(p0, v, exx, eyy, ezz)


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updated 9 hours ago

LINSPACE3: linearly spaced vector defined by three points by Sky Sartorius

Generate a vector as linearly spaced as possible while still including three defined points. (distributed, linspace, logspace)

linspace3(d1, tar, d2, n)

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updated 10 hours ago

UFget: MATLAB interface to the UF sparse matrix collection by Tim Davis

Downloads sparse matrices from the web directly into the MATLAB workspace, from a vast range of real (linear algebra, sparse, matrix)




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updated 10 hours ago

Bayesian Linear Regression by Soumya Banerjee

This is a set of MATLAB functions to do Bayesian linear regression (statistics, optimization, mathematics)



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updated 18 hours ago

plot_subroutines by Christopher Pedersen

plots the subroutines in a function, and their dependencies on each other (code analysis, function, code)



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updated 18 hours ago

plot_depfun by Christopher Pedersen

plots a graph of the dependencies of a function (code, function, depfun)



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updated 21 hours ago

Pack & Unpack variables to & from structures with enhanced functionality by Adi Navve

v2struct packs and unpacks variables to and from structures with enhanced functionality. (function inputs, struct2vars, pack)




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updated 1 day ago

Finite Element Triangular Mesh Generator by Kehinde OROLU

This function generates triangular mesh for a rectangular shape structure for FEM analysis (mesh, finite element analys..., matrix)



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updated 1 day ago

Find values in a vector or function by Adrian Lara-Quintanilla

For a function y=f(x), this script looks for all the "x" values for a desired value of "y" (y0). (mathematics, data exploration, time series)


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updated 5 days ago

LRSLibrary by Andrews Sobral

Low-Rank and Sparse Tools for Background Modeling and Subtraction in Videos (computer vision, tensor, matrix)

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updated 6 days ago

vector3 by Paul Kassebaum

3-D vector plot. (3d, vector, field)


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updated 7 days ago

matsplit by Matt Eicholtz

Split matrix elements into separate variables. (matrices, matrix manipulation, data handling)


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updated 8 days ago

Create new image from image tiles by Eydrian

Create tiles of an image and creates a new image with random position of the images (image processing, random, research)


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updated 12 days ago

Read TIFF / TIF stacks efficiently, with lazy loading by Dylan Muir

Read a TIFF stack as a memory-mapped tensor. Handles a large range of internal TIFF formats. (tiff, tif, image manipulation)


tiffread29_readimage(TIF, HEADER, vnFrames)


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updated 13 days ago

Random Data Classification by Etienne Combrisson

Create and classify random data sets (signal processing, classification, random)




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updated 14 days ago

hist2d(D,Xn,Yn,Xrange,Yrange) by Yang Hu

Optimized 2-dimensional Histogram for Complex Data (statistics, function)


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updated 16 days ago

CAD APPS by Larry Silverberg

Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Exploration Applications (APPS) (structures, design, truss)

CADAPP_MESH2_VER6(node,member,mmat,nmat,load,bound, z0,de...

adapt_scale(value, unitType, system)

getAlphaSequence(base, value)

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updated 16 days ago

MappedTensor class - memory-mapped files by Dylan Muir

A better, transparent memmapfile, with complex number support. (oop, matrix, large tensor)


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updated 17 days ago

ISO 8601 Date String to Serial Date Number by Stephen Cobeldick

Convert an ISO 8601 Date String to Serial Date Numbers. Auto-detect or select the timestamp style. (calendar date, date, iso 8601)


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updated 17 days ago

Numeric to English Words by Stephen Cobeldick

Convert a numeric scalar to a string giving the English name of the number value (GB/US). (dialect, words, number names)


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updated 18 days ago

makeinstall by Norbert Marwan

Create a single install file for your toolbox distribution. (create toolbox, directories, files)


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updated 19 days ago

repnan by Chad Greene

Replace NaNs in a 1D array by interpolation (interpolation, nan, nans)


repnan documentation

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updated 19 days ago

stat by Chad Greene

Get a quick summary of variable statistics in the command window. (who, whos, min)



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updated 20 days ago

intersectCellArray(a, b) by Noam

Intersection of 2 numeric cell arrays (cell array)

intersectCellArray(a, b)

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updated 20 days ago

print_table by Johan Winges

Print data in a table format (text or latex) (data exploration, utilities, string)

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updated 23 days ago

barwitherr(errors,varargin) by Martina Callaghan

This is a very simple extension of MatLab's bar function to add error bars. (errorbar, error, bar)


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updated 24 days ago

Reshape triggered data acquisition analog input data by Michelle Hirsch

Reshape triggered data acquisition analog input data, removing NaN's. (example, application, daq)


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updated 28 days ago

MATLAB Support Package for Finch Robot by Tom Gaudette

MATLAB connectivity code to a Finch Robot (finch, robot, programming)




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updated 28 days ago

XMLNode by Jarrod Rivituso

MATLAB class that allows you to use XPath to navigate and extract data from an XML document. (xml xpath java namesp..., xml, namespace)




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updated 29 days ago

dataprocess by Matt Visnovsky

Given keywords, this sifts through a delimited data-containing folder and performs bulk operations (signal processing, data import, data exploration)

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