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updated 15 hours ago

Dielectric characterization by microwave cavity perturbation by Nathan Orloff

A custom toolbox and example code to measure complex permittivity by microwave cavity perturbation (microwave, cavity, perturbation)

[locs pks]=peakseek(x,minpeakdist,minpeakh)

cavity_deembedsample(allw, allw_err, allQ, allQ_err)


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updated 2 days ago by Mario Antonelli

Non Monotone Sequential Quadratic Programming (nonmonotone optimizat..., nonlinear programming, sequential quadratic ...)

G5( x )



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updated 8 days ago

fminsdp by Carl-Johan Thore

A code for solving non-linear optimization problems with matrix inequality constraints. (constrained optimizat..., matrix inequalities, nonlinear optimizatio...)




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updated 24 days ago

Preclinical PKPD modeling by Peter Gennemark

Classes for fundamental PKPD modeling in drug discovery (no support for a NLME modeling). (biotech, simulation, medical)




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